As we are all learning to adjust to a new way of life the commonly used fair expression ‘Come one, come all… step right up’ needs also to be updated. As with many events, our Board and volunteers began planning the 2020 Ex back in the Fall with an entirely different vision for the event. We would have been celebrating our 175th year and had a number of special celebrations in mind.

Instead, our event is taking on a different kind of special as we’ve moved it to be exclusively online. The competitions are for fun and we’re looking for more of a community feel rather than the show standard. But it’s exciting none the less. Instead of spanning a few short days, we’re opening up our competitions in intervals and we have created new competitions that will allow non-farmers to compete.

As the summer rolls on and into fall, we will be posting new Ag Education content so you can come and learn more about agriculture and some of the faces behind the Ex. You’ll be finding us more on Facebook, as we highlight the competition winners and share these stories.

I encourage you to participate, enter and explore. As we look to support local businesses now more than ever, take the time to learn about the farm producers in the community. And I invite you to “Come one, come few…. click on through”!

~ Victoria McEldon, President
    Peterborough Agricultural Society



Virtual Steer Show Entries

There are eight local beef producers whose animals will be judged on July 31, 2020. The top six animals will be auctioned through an online auction from August 4 – 7, 2020.

More to come!

Peterborough Agricultural Society 2020
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