Peterborough, ON – Online entries for various competitions are now open for the 2020 Peterborough Ex. The Virtual Ex is being held as a fun way to keep people engaged and discovering agriculture in light of the cancellation of the regular Ex due to the pandemic.

There will be staggered entry dates and deadlines and additional Ag Education and awareness pieces will be launched on the website throughout the summer.

Current competitions and entry dates are as follows:

Dog with the longest tail – July 10
Best Front Yard – July 27
Open Horse – July 31
Rabbit and Cavy – August 1
Steer & Lamb Show & Sale – August 4 – 7
Beef Show – August 7
Poultry Show – August 8
Longest Zucchini – August 31

Entries will be shared on Facebook and judging for the Best Yard Competition will be community driven through the Peterborough Ex Facebook Page.

President Victoria McEldon, “We are really hoping to get people engaged in agriculture through these competitions. They can learn about producers and easily enter some of the competitions.” 

“Our volunteers have been working diligently on how we can make this years’ event fun and widely accessible and we’re excited about it,” said McEldon.