The annual Poultry Show was held at the 173rd Peterborough Ex on Saturday, August 11th.

There were 171 total entries in the show with the results as follows:

Champion Standard Bird – John Dunk, Tottenham- Rhode Island Red

Reserve Champion standard bird – Andalusian – Dawn Cooper, Cooper’s Falls

Champion Bantam Bird – Dawn Cooper, Coopers Falls – White Wyandotte

Reserve Champion Bird – Kathryn Cooper, Coopers Falls- Cornish

Champion Waterfowl – John Dunk. African Geese

Reserve Champion Waterfowl – George Cooper – Indian Runner

Junior Poultry Champion – Mya Kingsbury, Lindsay – silver laced cockerel

Each year the Peterborough Agricultural Society hosts the Exhibition. This year’s 4-day event had numerous agricultural shows including multiple horse shows, beef and dairy shows, goats, sheep and rabbits. Exhibitors compete to earn bragging rights or points to move on to other fairs such as the Royal Winter Fair.