Peterborough, ON – During the Ram Rodeo on Friday, August 10th at the Peterborough Ex, six steers were auctioned off; the sale was added as a feature to the rodeo three years ago.

Before the auction, there were nine steers competing for the six available auction positions. The winning steers and bidders;

First Place – Doug and Jennifer Leahy – Doug and Jennifer own a cow/calf operation just outside of Lakefield. Winning Bidder – Franz’ Butcher Shop

Second and Third Place – Walsh Farms – A 4th generation beef and cash crop operation just east of Peterborough. Winning Bidder – Starfra Feeds and Mike Bataglia Homes

Fourth Place – Larry Leahy – Larry and his wife Pat have operated a beef farm since 1970. They have a commercial herd and Larry has been showing market steers from 1977. Winning Bidder – Kroes Croquettes

Fifth Leahy – Angus Leahy from Lakefield. Winning Bidder – Kroes Croquettes

Sixth Place – Andy and Scott Vollering – Andy and Scott Vollering have a beef operation in Douro Township for close to 50 years. Winning Bidder – Peterborough Vets

The steer committee chair is Mike Fallis with Fallis Land and Sale.

In its’ 173rd year, the Peterborough Ag Society holds one of Canada’s longest running exhibitions. The Peterborough Ex continues through until Sunday, August 12th, 2018 and features agricultural exhibits and live entertainment throughout the weekend.