Report rise in attendance from previous years.

The Peterborough Agricultural Society is thrilled to announce a rise in overall attendance for this years Peterborough Exhibition.

This year marked the 172nd Peterborough Exhibition. The Exhibition had many amazing events, activities, shows and demonstrations that attracted a wide number of attendees. Some of the notable events were; The Dodge RAM Rodeo Tour, The Presidents Choice Superdogs, Peterborough Axe Club, Innovation Center, Antique Automotive Club of America- Ontario Region Car Show, and so much more.

This year the Peterborough Agricultural Society was excited to announce a new addition to The Peterborough Exhibition; the Exhibitions brand new Ex Marks The Spot countywide Scavenger Hunt sponsored by LLF Lawyers. The Scavenger Hunt ran for the 6 weeks leading up to the Peterborough Exhibitions. The Hunt kicked off July 1st and ran until August 9th. It had great response from participants and sponsors. Each week there was 2 clues announced on the Peterborough Exhibitions social media pages, participants would have to complete these tasks and upload a selfie to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to be eligible to win great weekly prizes. With every task they completed this also entered participants into the amazing Grand Prize Draw that was drawn at the Dodge RAM Rodeo on August 11th. The three grand prize winners were Ashley Bartosh-Smith who took home the third prize of two Platinum Toronto Maple Leaf Tickets, Nancy Mcmenamie-Day who took home the second place prize of $750 cash and the first place winner was April Foster who took home $1,250 cash!

The Special Needs Day took place on August 11th. The Peterborough Agricultural Society joined forces with amazing community partners, Five Counties Children’s Center, Peterborough Rotary, Keene Lions Club and World’s Finest Shows to offer a large variety of activities, lunch and access to midway rides for families with special needs children, so they all could enjoy the Exhibition exclusively and free of charge. Thanks to so many dedicated and passionate volunteers who made this possible! This year the total attendance for the 172nd Peterborough Exhibition was 10,192 people, plus 3,231 for the Peterborough Farmers Market.

This year showed 3 times the amount of children in attendance than previous years. We are absolutely thrilled that the attendance for the Peterborough Exhibition continues to climb year after year and are looking forward to providing an amazing event for all attendees for generations to come.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Shaughnessy Forestell at We Design Group, 705-755-0850, or Ryan Moore, President of the Peterborough Agricultural Society